In 1551 Darby O’Hosshyne was a vicar choral at St Nicholas Collegiate Church in Galway. According to a charter issued by Edward VI on the 29th April 1551 his colleagues were Patrick Blake, a Priest, appointed warden, and Patrick Kerevan, Thomas Ffrench, John Talman, Derby O’Rowane, Jon Dermoyte, John O’Brannigan and Edward Flartie, all Vicars Choral.  The charter was issued in response to a petition by the citizens of Galway aimed at preserving the position of their main church during the ongoing reformation of the Irish Church (and sequestration of church property).  Vicars Choral were minor clergy or laymen primarily charged with singing the offices at the church, substituting absent canons,  in a secular cathedral.

1551 also saw the Book of Common Prayer first printed in Ireland marking the introduction of the protestant liturgy into the Irish Church.  It  was used for the first time in Ireland on Easter Day, April 17th, 1551. Although the new book referred to the Eucharist as “The Supper of the Lorde and Holy Communion, commonly called the Masse”,  Archbishop George Dowdall of Armagh, appointed by Henry VIII, fled his diocese, declaring the government and the bishops had “demolished the mass to bring in another service of England’s making”

Galway 1651


Hardimans The History of the Town and County of the Town of Galway. From the Earliest Period to the Present Time (1820) at Page 240


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